Members and Friends of the Franco American Centre: 


A lot of good things are happening at the Franco American Centre that I wanted to tell you about.

1990- THE VISION:  The Franco American Center was originally established in early 1990 to further grow the movement to promote the French language, connect with other organizations and provide a resource for individuals doing research in the former ACA (Association Canado-Américain) Insurance library that was housed with the FAC. At that time, the FAC also acquired the former ACA Insurance building on Concord Street in Manchester.

2018- EXPANDING THE VISION: After the ACA closed, a group of benefactors, organized by Mr. Bob Raiche, stepped forward to purchase the valuable ACA library and art work to preserve for posterity in the United States. The FAC subsequently entered into a compact with St. Anselm College and the former ACA artwork and library were transferred to the St. Anselm Library where it is housed today. Through the benevolence of Dick Lavaliere, St. Anselm has been working with a curator to catalog and assess the value of the library and art work.  The priceless collection is recognized worldwide by researchers for its scholarly value.

THE FAC TODAY: In recent years, we have sold the ACA building to a religious organization and relocated to St. Anselm.  As part of our compact with St. Anselm, we have an office in the Sullivan Ice Arena with plenty of nearby parking. Come visit us!

Our operating budget is funded by our ongoing programming revenues including class tuition, sustaining or annual memberships, grants including one from Quebec, and ANNUAL donations from people like you. We do a lot with a lean budget.




James Normand, President         

Joseph Theriault, Vice President            

Joanne Martin Craighead, Secretary

Doris Ballard, Treasurer                       


John Tousignant, Executive Director

Nathalie Hirte, Administrator, part time


I can report that I am very impressed with the high caliber of our current Officers, Directors and staff.   John P. Tousignant brings a lot of talent, energy and experience to the Centre. John is bilingual and is doing a wonderful job expanding our base.  Please check out our web site to peruse the bios of our Directors. You will be impressed as I am.

STAY IN TOUCH: Watch the web site, subscribe to receive emails, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information on exciting events throughout the year, including Mardi Gras party, PoutineFest, Halfway to Mardi Gras party, the French-speaking camp for children, the new immigrant French-speaking program, monthly free Prêt-à-Parler discussions, our annual fancy Beaujolais Nouveau dinner with wine pairings and much more. December 15th join us for our annual Soirée de Noël and Volunteer Appreciation event. To reserve your space, contact Nathalie ( or reserve your spot online by clicking here.


  1. Some of you have been with this great organization for several years. Some of you from the very beginning. Reach out to give us How can we improve?
  2. Perhaps volunteer to help with an Find a new volunteer for us. Suggest an individual for the board of incorporators or directors.
  3. Send us a year end donation and enjoy the warm feeling of pride that you are contributing to the safeguard, celebration and education of the Franco-American culture and heritage. Click here to go to the donation page.
  4. Check us out online and on social media, call us at the Franco-American Centre (603 641 7114) or contact us at any of the emails listed above or at

I look forward to rekindling friendships, making new ones and to help this great team to continue to make you proud of the Centre that you either helped to found or move along its path.

Please follow through with a donation and/or feedback. Sincerely,






James Normand President