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The purpose of this course is to help students improve speaking and comprehension at beginner’s level while learning about the culture of Francophone countries. Each day will include a different French culture activity, a song or a story and speaking and listening practices.



Class 1:

  • French speaking world and French in the United States. 

  • Useful French expressions

  • Song: Alouette.

Class 2:

  • All around Paris (places to visit and famous monuments) 

  • Song Oh Susana

  • Classic Story: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Class 3:

  • Port au Prince, Haiti, and Québec: foods and architecture. 

  • Drawing breakfast, lunch and diner.

  • Song: Frère Jacques

Class 4:

  • Les repas et la nourriture en France. 

  • Les crêpes: lecture et culture.

French Summer Class for Kids

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