Advanced French Conversation



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The Advanced French Conversation classes consist of 2 semesters:  fall and spring.

The Advanced French Conversation classes were created to follow the Advanced French Grammar and Conversation classes or the Advanced Intermediate classes.  Emphasis will be on improving listening and speaking skills, therefore, students taking these classes must be willing to speak French in class.

Oral presentations and various paired and group activities will provide ample opportunities for students to listen and speak and to improve their pronunciation and accent.  Readings will serve as catalysts for conversation and expanding vocabulary.

Students taking these classes should have a working knowledge of basic tenses and grammatical structures.  Francophone culture is an integral part of the course.

Teacher: Pauline Grant
Class Time: Wednesdays 6 PM to 8 PM
Location: Saint Anselm College, TBD
Dates: Sept 13 to Dec 6 (No class on W Nov 22

More details on the Advanced French Classes page

No text is required however a good French/English dictionary is required.

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