Support the FAC Scholarship Fund

A key part of the Franco-American Centre’s mission is to promote the education and use of French. We do this with a rich set of programs including classes, summer day camp, conversation groups and lectures. We also support French education throughout the region with the French video contest for High School and College students across New England and New York.

In 2018 we would like to expand our promotion of French with an FAC Scholarship Fund. Every donation we receive helps us to expand our ability to provide assistance and engage students in the use of French.

After two decades in French education and outreach, we are in a strong position to help aspiring French students in need, reward achievement, and motivate a large number of people at the same time.

Please donate to our scholarship fund and give the gift of French this Christmas.

Thank you!

About the FAC

At the Franco-American Centre, our mission is the preservation, celebration and growth of the culture of New England’s French-speaking and French-descended people.

This is a huge task, and we need support to keep it up!

A culture isn’t just a history lesson or a language. It’s a special view of the world, it’s a unique taste for food, it’s fun and it’s complex. Most of all, it explains a little part of yourself. We celebrate the Franco-American culture and share it with our neighbors with NH PoutineFest, French classes and speaking groups, outreach to French-speaking immigrants, films, concerts, parties and more.

It isn’t even enough to do all that, because culture is nothing if it isn’t passed on. So we make a special effort to engage with children and young adults through a week-long French day camp, family activity days and our French YouTube Video Contest for high schoolers and college students in partnership with the Gilbert French Language Foundation.

We do this for our members and the public and we feel extremely proud of what we accomplish with a small paid staff, a modest budget and a handful of volunteers.

Your support, whether it’s $300 or $20, has a real effect on our programs, activities and growth. Whether your interest in French culture and language stems from family history or personal exploration, we ask that you please give a gift today help ensure that the generations that follow will be able to share in the Franco-American story (and consider joining us as a member).

Merci beaucoup!