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Online Groups

Below are links to various groups who share a common interest in various facets of French culture, language and heritage.

If you know of any other you would like to share with us, please send an email to

French Conversation Groups:

Several conversation groups are available throughout New Hampshire.  Click HERE for details.


Facebook Groups:

Le rêve de Gagnon – French Canadians in Canada and the United States :

Ferdinand Gagnon (8 June 1849 – 15 April 1886) had a dream. Gagnon envisioned a national union of the French Canadians in Canada and the United States. He saw this union as something that would happen sooner or later and worked toward that goal.

This group is intended to continue Gagnon’s work and bring Québécois, Franco-Americans, French -Canadians, Acadians…whatever you refer to yourself as…together.

French Canadian Descendants :

This group focuses on, but is not limited to facilitating genealogical research, as well as a fostering those interested in the French language of North America, and the music, art, customs and history of our people. Many Franco-Americans have taken a renewed interest in the situation in contemporary Québec, Acadia, and Francophonie throughout Canada. Many of us are asking: “Where do we really come from? And what does it all mean for us today?”  Looking for answers?  This group might be for you!

Geneology Research USA :

Everyone is welcome in our group. We already have some FANTASTIC MEMBERS as you will see. They are very helpful to each other and most friendly too!! It doesn’t matter where you live, come on in and make new friends and stay a while. We will HELP YOU in your research however, we cannot do your research for you. That is for you to do, we will do everything we possibly can to make it easier to find your next generation.  If an Admin can’t help you, another member of the group may be able to.

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