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Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership is now available for $600. 

 This covers membership for you, a spouse and any minor children living in your home (until they turn 18).

Lifetime Membership – $600

Elaine and I are only too happy to support the Franco-American Centre with a Life Membership.

For all we have given to the FAC in time, talent and treasure, we have received much in return.  The friendships, the cultural experiences, and educational opportunities are beyond measure.  We believe that charity begins at home.  As Francos, the FAC is our cultural home.  This is why, though we get requests for support from many many other charities, we have decided to make this commitment to the FAC.

$600 for a Life Membership may seem like a lot of money for some. That is very  true.  But for many among us, it is well within our means if we feel it is worthwhile.  Elaine and I submit to you that it is worthwhile and ask that you join us and others in becoming Life Members.

Maurice Demers

Past President & Board Member

Maurice Elaine.jfif

Lifetime Members

  • Adèle Boufford Baker

  • Thomas & Laureen Colantuono

  • Hon. Tom DeBlois

  • Maurice & Elaine Demers

  • Msgr. Charles DesRuisseaux

  • Craig Donais

  • Nancy Gill

  • Jennifer & Rich Girard

  • Jennifer Hollingsworth

  • Raymond & Pauline Houle

  • Cécile Juneau

  • Ovide Lamontagne

  • Richard Lavallière

  • Carolyn Maheu

  • James &  Lynn Normand

  • Émile & Sue Têtu

  • Joseph & Joanne Theriault

  • John Tousignant


  • Lifetime Membership

    • The Franco-American Centre is offering a Lifetime Membership
    • Discounted Admission to FAC events
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