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Geared towards students who have already taken French either at the High School or College level or through FAC at the Beginners level or above, this course will emphasize refreshing conversational skills while building vocabulary and expressions that are important for those planning to travel in French-speaking regions.


Themes  will include (subject to change):

Crossing the border: introduction, passports, importance of greetings and formalities.


The hotel: Arrival and requests to ensure that your stay will be memorable.
At the bakery/open-air market: local products, metric system, and local currency
At the restaurant: setting, traditional food, ordering, tipping and farewell.
Visiting around the city: Transportation, local amenities, and activities.

Each class will last 2 hours.

Must have a minimum of 5 students to run the classes.

Next Class Date to be Announced

Class Time:
Location: Virtual via Zoom. Teacher will send online code prior to start of class.



Members: $150
Non-members: $185*


*please note: This does NOT include a membership.

For more information, please contact the French Classes Coordinator,

Voyageurs French

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