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Lavender in Provence: Beauty in the South of France

As the calendars shift to July, many of the French people are focused on three things: upcoming snap elections, their celebration of independence on Bastille Day (July 14th), and the Paris Olympics. But in the South of France, July also marks one of the most beautiful parts of the year: lavender comes into maximum bloom.

Field in Provence


Where are the Lavender Fields?

Lavender and France are almost synonymous during the summer months, but this is especially true in the Southern regions. Notably, Provence has become a hub for tourists to view the gorgeous rolling hills of purple colors. Below is a map of lavender fields in the region; most can be found north of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille and east of Avignon. The fields are most often found alongside roadways and occupy almost every hill in the region. Route de Manosque is one road that boasts a plethora of picturesque views.

Map of When and Where to See Lavender Fields


Why July?

The lavender fields come into full bloom starting in the first week of July. Their gorgeous purple flowers open up and delight the eyes of locals and tourists alike.  But the timeframe for viewing is quite slim. Harvests begin around the country on July 15th (the day after Bastille Day). Many towns will host lavender fests around this time, boasting lavender-themed and flavored goods. Much of the harvested lavender will eventually be incorporated into the famous Savon de Marseille productions.

Plateau de Valensole


Places to Visit

Some particularly noteworthy places to visit in search of lavender are Le Musée de la Lavande (Lavender Museum) and Notre-Dame de Senaque. These two places are adjacent sprawling fields of lavender and host a variety of activities and programming related to the harvest and agriculture of lavender. Some of the best towns to stop in to view the lavender fields include Ferrassières (Plateau D’Albion), Salut, and Valesole. More suggestions can be found here.

Notre Dame de Senanque
Musée de la Lavende


Closer to Home

If you’re looking for something close to home, there are also some lavender fields blooming around New England and in Québec! Check out info on those fields: Montréal (QC), Saint-François-de-l’Île-d-Orléans (QC), Hollis (NH), Holden (MA).

If you can’t make the journey to Provence (or any of the other locations above) this year, I have two suggestions. First, book your tickets for 2025. Second, enjoy the vast array of beautiful pictures below as you relax from the holiday.

Lavender Field in Québec Province

Lavender Field in Québec Province
Lavender Field in Québec Province

Written by Kaleb Houle-Lawrence

University Intern

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