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Alan Côté

Alan Côté was born at Notre Dame Hospital in Manchester, NH and grew up in the
Derry/Londonderry area. His parents Richard Côté and Fabienne Brochu had emigrated to the United States from Canada as young adults and much of their family remained in Quebec.

Alan’s mom always recognized the value of preserving their heritage and the French language.  When the children were spoken to in French, they were expected to respond in French.  Summers and holidays were spent in “La Beauce” and the immersion of French reinforced Alan and his siblings ability to be bilingual.

Music was a huge part of family tradition. Fabienne played the accordion and the family sang many French Canadian folk songs. In 1999, La Famille Côté, was selected to perform French Canadian music at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC.

Alan takes great pride in his French Heritage and recognizes the value in preserving the
language for future generations.

When Alan is not busy working as Superintendent of Operations for the Town of Derry, Public Works, He enjoys wood turning, fishing, hiking and foraging wild mushrooms.

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