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Intermediate 2 – Part 1

Intermediate 2 classes consist of 2 semesters:  fall and spring.  


The Intermediate 2 classes will provide a reinforcement of the Intermediate 1 classes while expanding on the uses and nuances of the Indicative mood:  Present, Past, Imperfect, Future and Conditional tenses.  Since the emphasis is to improve pronunciation, listening and speaking skills, students taking these classes must be willing to speak French in class.  These classes will provide ample opportunities to improve not only pronunciation, listening and speaking skills but also dictionary and translation skills. Students will learn the Passé Simple tense (the French literary past tense) and preview the Subjunctive mood.   Francophone culture is an integral part of the course.


Teacher: Paula Grieb
Class Time: Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Location: Online via Zoom.  Teacher will send online code prior to start of class
Dates: Monday, September 16th to Decenber 16th, 2024 (no class October 14th and November 11th)


Please contact Pauline Grant at or (603) 623-1093 if interested in a class or for placement.


No textbook is required for this class. However, you are required to have a good French/English dictionary.


Also, highly recommended : Language Lab with Madame Lacourse


Intermediate 2

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