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Château Frontenac

Updated: Jun 20

This hotel was one of the first of its kind to be built and is still run today as one of the most luxurious hotels in Québec. It has hosted many famous guests such as the Premier du Québec, Alfred Hitchcock, and many other well-known names. 


Le Château Frontenac

The Château Frontenac was built as a ‘railroad hotel’ to encourage tourism by train. Though several hotels were built for this reason, this particular one was constructed by the Pacific Railroad Company. Construction began in 1892, and the hotel opened in the following year. 

The architect responsible for the Château’s design was Bruce Price of New York City. The design was inspired by French châteaux (castles) of the Loire Valley. 

Château of the Loire Valley

Additions were made to the hotel in 1926, when a central tower was incorporated into the design by contractors Edward and William Maxwell. Then the most recent addition came in June of 1993, when the Claude-Pratte wing was added. This contains a spectacular indoor pool, a fitness center, and an exterior terrace.


Historic Moments at the Frontenac

Today, the beautiful room next to the hotel’s restaurant, Le Champlain, is a library. However, in the 1950s, Premier du Québec Maurice Duplessis took the room as his office. He also lived in suite 1107 of the Château Frontenac.

Alfred Hitchcock "I Confess" Movie Poster
Lavish Library in the Château

Many of Alfred Hitchcock’s films have become iconic and are instantly recognizable today, such as Psycho. However, one of Hitchcock’s lesser known films, I Confess, was filmed in Québec as well as Hollywood. Hitchcock himself stayed in the Château Frontenac to watch the premier of the film in the city. 

Other Famous Québec Hotels

During the busy Carnaval season, the Château Frontenac takes many guests who came to visit the world’s largest winter carnaval. The Château is close to many of the festivities; located in Old Québec, the historic neighborhood of Québec City.

Ice Hotel during Carnaval


But there’s another option for true Carnaval goers who want a unique winter experience: the ice hotels. Built of ice and snow, these incredibly built structures are the only ice hotels in all of North America. They’re also themed every year. For 2023, the theme will be nightlife. 

Ice Hotel During Carnaval

Written by Jasmine Grace,

High School Intern

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